At Vintage Construction, we also specialize in land and site development.

We take projects from raw land to fully developed projects that are ready to sell, build on, or enjoy for recreational use.  Our staff can assist in the appraisal, engineering, local approval process, wetland study, budget creation, and oversight of the land improvements.

We oversee the development of places like Provenance, Lucien Field Estates, and Riverscape. We currently have several other projects in the pipeline that we are working to bring to life. Making your project a reality is our number one goal, and we have all the tools to get you there.

Vintage Realty Company and Trinity One have joined together to undertake the development of RiverScape in Shreveport, Louisiana. RiverScape will be an 80 acre, master planned, mixed-use, mixed-income traditional neighborhood development located on the southwest corner of the Clyde Fant Parkway and Stoner Avenue in central Shreveport, overlooking the Red River. The RiverScape development will be the first and by far the most comprehensive mixed-use, mixed income traditional neighborhood development of its type in Northern Louisiana.  RiverScape Apartment Homes broke ground in early 2013, for more information, visit

For more information visit