Vintage Homes has released a final phase of the Provenance Cottages on Crossvine Lane!

Estimated Move-in 2nd Quarter of 2023.

  1. Lot 30 House Plan: Sparrow $317,500 MLS Details
  2. Lot 31 House Plan: Castle $342,500 MLS Details
  3. Lot 32 House Plan: Crow $408,500 MLS Details
  4. Lot 33 House Plan: Sparrow $310,000 MLS Details
  5. Lot 34 House Plan: Castle $356,500 MLS Details
  6. Lot 35 House Plan: Crow $376,500 MLS Details
  7. Lot 36 House Plan: Braum $318,000 MLS Details
  8. Lot 37 House Plan: Castle $347,000 MLS Details
  9. Lot 38 House Plan: Braum $325,500 MLS Details
  10. Lot 39 House Plan: Castle $349,500 MLS Details


Inspiration Elevations featured in the gallery. Elevations and Floor Plans will have modifications. Rendering is a general representation of the massing and color scheme planned for this home. Actual colors can vary and the products used on the exterior may also vary depending on availability and final selection by builder. Floor plan subject to change during construction.